Stratio Culture Manifesto

 🚌 Transportation drives humanity forward. At Stratio we have a purpose: to change the transportation industry. We believe in a future with no disruptions, where vehicles never break down, a zero downtime future. 
 🚀 Considering what is Stratio’s mission towards the team, and what is our value proposition as a company and employer, here you can find Stratio’s view on desired culture, which guides us in our goals, behaviours, and attitude.
As a company, Stratio is committed to:
  • Be proud of our purpose as a company and as a team;
  • Focus on providing customers the best possible products and support;
  • Be a good place to work, with a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect;
  • Have inspiring individuals in all our teams, where age, race, gender, politics and religion do not matter;
  • Create a tolerant and open space for individuals to suggest and question;
  • Foster a safe space to work, error-tolerant, ensuring it’s quickly acknowledged, solved and learned;
  • Constantly push everyone forward, accelerating and having high pace and high performing teams;
  • Give you challenging and interesting work, giving and providing our teams with autonomy and accountability;
  • Provide support to help you overcome any blockers;
  • Have a continuous improvement mindset, and a workplace to foster new ways of doing things;
  • Provide an inclusive and trustworthy environment, creating feedback loops and open channels, and keeping them up and running;
  • Creating participative decision-making forums throughout all company levels;
  • Share openly and transparently strategic decisions that impact all the team, and their motives;
  • Think twice, but decide once, and fast;
  • Embrace change and help others adopt it.

🌟These are the types of behaviour Stratio expects to see in every team member.

  • Is a hard worker - hard work is the basis for everything worthwhile in life - and pushes themselves and the team forward;
  • Shows true commitment - there is no hard work without commitment - to achieve business/customer goals and needs;
  • Can be trusted - once they say "I'll do it", or are attributed something, does not require further and regular check ups, so those problems can be out of other people's minds immediately;
  • Group before the department or the individual - always thinks in Stratio's best interest first;
  • Is a problem solver and a self learner - Brings out problems and also potential solutions (options) to mitigate / solve them;
  • Is self-aware, admits wrong choices / mistakes / delays, shows that they learn from them to avoid similar situations in the future;
  • Helps out various people and teams without being told / asked to do so;
  • Can be relied to motivate and help others around them to be on their best game;
  • Keeps "cold head" during difficult situations / times, avoids "that's impossible" moments;
  • Listens before reacting, and keeps an open mind - "my solution isn't always the best solution";
  • Avoids filters and at all costs politics, always giving honest, fast and direct feedback;
  • Thinks positive, doesn't assume the worst, and focus on the solution/result, not the problem.
🌟 It is everyone’s job to set the example.