Automotive Customer Success Account Manager

Transportation drives humanity forward. At Stratio we have a purpose: to change the transportation industry. We believe in a future with no disruptions, where vehicles never break down, a zero downtime future. For that, we rely on great individuals and great teams.

The Automotive Customer Success Account Manager role involves a technical hands-on approach combined with the capacity to simultaneously manage multiple variables of the project in order to ensure quality of service and constant customer engagement from day one. Keeping great communication with multiple stakeholders and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire project is key for this position.



  • Establish and implement product and service training for customers;
  • Identify, analyze and plan requirements for each project phase;
  • Hold regular technical meetings with customers to identify difficulties and challenges;
  • Foresee and monitor all involved project resources and tasks;
  • Ensure quality of installations and parts availability;
  • Provide product and service technical support to customers onsite and remotely;
  • Ensure the customer fully understands our products/services;
  • Liaise between customers and multiple Stratio departments;
  • Availability to travel within Portugal.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related technical fields;
  • Proven experience working in the automotive industry, or related technical field;
  • Hands-on knowledge and experience in the electronic field or (ideally) in vehicle diagnostics;
  • Demonstrated understanding of Project Management processes and methods;
  • Candidate must be fluent in Portuguese (verbal and written);
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Strong interpersonal relationship and communication skills;
  • Strong sense of accountability and ownership regarding project development;
  • Ability to embrace challenges and proactively overcome unforeseen obstacles;
  • Proficiency in English.

Bonus Points

  • Self-driven, autonomous, and critical sense;
  • Work well under pressure and time constraints;
  • Organization with data and multi-tasks;
  • Ability to filter real problems and prioritize them.


What we offer:

  • Health Insurance;
  • Fringe Benefits Policy;
  • Flexible Work Hours - adjust your schedule to your needs;
  • Work Setup - remote, hybrid, onsite - if your job can be done remotely, and you prefer to, you’re free to choose;
  • Hardware and software for a full remote setup;
  • Monthly All-Hands;
  • Quarterly Events to discuss Strategy;
  • Autonomy and Ownership Culture;
  • Continuous feedback culture;
  • Innovation Mindset;
  • Career Acceleration.



  • Remote / Hybrid / Lisbon / Coimbra

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