Stratio's PHM 2022
Conference Resources

During the PHM Europe Conference Stratio presented the industry-changing research paper on predictive battery analytics for electric buses, written by our Data Scientist and Head of Research, Miguel Simão and Rune Prytz, in partnership with the researchers of the University of Halmstad and Caetano Bus. 

Also during the event, Rune Prtyz’s presented his keynotes on transitioning successfully to electric buses.

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About the authors


 Miguel Simão

Miguel is a full-stack Data Scientist at Stratio, specialised in translating business needs into a mathematical or statistical problems. As part of the research team, Miguel works on the development of data visualisation dashboards for data analysis and on the purpose-built anomaly detection and diagnosis models that power the Stratio Platform. 


Rune Prytz

Rune Prytz is Head of Research at Stratio. An academic whose research on machine learning for predictive maintenance has been cited in hundreds of scientific papers, eliminating downtime has been at the forefront of Rune’s interests for nearly two decades. His previous positions include the role of Uptime Systems and Service Specialist at OEM Volvo, and that of Director of Research and Development at software company TrialBee.



University of Halmstad

Founded in 1983, Halmstad University is an independent university, characterised by innovation. Their degree programmes have gained recognition for their relevance in and beyond the academic world. They believe that a close relationship with the community, particularly the businesses and organisa-tions within, cultivates the most fertile ground for innovation that serves us all. 


Caetano Bus

Caetano  Bus is one of the leading bus and coach manufacturers in Europe. A big part of their products are intended for exportation and most recently they have started transporting people worldwide.

About PHM Society

The Prognostics Health Management (PHM) Society is a professional organisation dedicated to the advancement (promotion) of PHM as an engineering discipline. PHM is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. The PHM Society was incorporated in early 2009 as a New York Corporation. The society's flagship are conferences organised annually in Europe and in the United States of America. 

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