Quality Management System
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Driving a zero-downtime future

Be Collaborative: The team always outperforms the sum of its parts.
Be Pragmatic: Think critically and whenever possible avoid short-term solutions that create long-term debt and do not solve our customers' problems.
Be Tenacious: Never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.
Be Impactful: Focus, and drive others to focus on what brings the most impact and value to our customers.
Be Passionate: We’re changing an industry. That takes a tremendous effort. It would be unbearable if we didn't have a true passion for the things we're building together.

• Ensure the quality of the products and services of Stratio and always seek to satisfy the needs, specific technical and business requirements and expectations of our customers;
• Ensure compliance with the policies of the customers and with the applicable legal, regulatory, and standards requirements;
• Ensure the satisfaction of shareholders, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders;
• Ensure the continuous improvement of the products and services of Stratio through the periodic revision of its objectives, goals, processes and procedures;
• Create conditions for a culture of continuous improvement of the quality system, ensuring the alignment and the commitment of all internal stakeholders with the vision, mission, values, priorities, goals, processes and policies of Stratio;
• Maintain the implementation of the Quality Management Systems, according to the NP EN ISO9001 standards, continuing its action and ensuring compliance with it;
• Ensure the adequate training of Stratio employees providing the necessary tools to guarantee the quality of the products and services of Stratio.

ISO 9001 Certification

Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy
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